Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Blog + Late to the Party

Welcome to the new blog!! Along with the new look, I'm excited about new sessions that I have coming up and will soon be posted! Along with sessions, I will post more personals,  good finds, and just generally things that I am currently enjoying and/or excited about. Beginning with...

Yes, my name is Rachel and I am an instagramaholic. I love the quick avenue to a creative resource that partners with my love for capturing life through the lens of a camera, even if it's just my iphone camera. Sadly, I am joining this febphotoaday party LATE. I am usually running late or behind on whatever anyways, it's a struggle.  I feel like I can relate to this I found on Pinterest...

So, despite my failure to start at the beginning of February, I decided to join in anyways! I love the daily creative challenge, it really changes the way you see things that normally wouldn't get a second glance. I totally recommend joining in, who cares if it's a little late?!  ;)

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