Monday, April 2, 2012

Sarah + Justin, Engaged

This was by far one the most special sessions I will ever do! Sarah is my beautiful sister-in-law, but I just call her my sister! :) And God has so intricately orchestrated her life to meet this tall fellow, Justin! It's crazy how once we find the one we were created to love, everything makes sense. We may never have guessed we would end up where we did, but everything is for a purpose. And these two wonderful people know that all too well. :) Justin is a national-champion-athlete turned coach and Sarah is a Jr. High teacher in Shamrock, where Justin coaches and where they first met. :) I can't wait to see God grow their love for each other and for them to portray the love of Christ through their marriage. I was soooo blessed to have been able to be a part of this sweet season in their lives and am so happy to be part of this family. We could not have asked a more gorgeous day for this session, and I believe the sun was shining just for them during the session. :)  Oh, some of these pictures may have you asking two things:
1) Is this real life?!
Answer: yes. They just look like they could be in a sweet romantic movie. :)
2) Are they really that tan?!
Answer: Yes. Amazing, I know.

As always, I hope you enjoy the images and leave a happy comment for them in the comment section! :)

Love you sisterrr!!! :)

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