Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

My absolute FAVORITE part of Halloween is the costumes! I love seeing all the fun, cute, and creative things people come up with! People put so much time and effort into costumes that I think they should be showcased! And what better way to show off your costumes than with a contest?! So here's the info:

1)Post a picture of your (or your child's/childrens) costume to my facebook page. Include the names of the people in the picture, so people will know who to vote for! ;)
2)Tell EVERYONE and send people to VOTE for your picture by 'liking' the photo.

Contest runs until Thursday night at 10pm and the winner will be announced on Friday. Whoever submitted the picture with the most votes ('likes') will get a FREE mini session! Ready, set, GO! :)

Captain America and Mrs. Captain America
(Halloween 2011)

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