Thursday, April 25, 2013

To KNOW a name...

This picture was taken right before we left to let three simple words change our lives forever. Last week, we found out who was growing to be in our family in only 4 months! I have never been more excited, nervous, and overwhelmed with a love that can only come from Christ. When we found out we were having our first baby, our hearts were filled with a new kind of love, one that we had been waiting for the right time to experience. And that time is finally here and we could not be more excited and in love!

So, an hour after extreme butterflies we found out...

IT'S A BOY!!! And he is exactly what our hearts needed. The last time we saw him at a sonogram appointment he was only 3 cm long, and at this one he was about 6 inches and already 9 oz! The change was unbelievable. Seeing him move and kick and wave his perfect little hands made all the waiting (and the sickness) SO unbelievably worth it. He looks like Trae from what I could tell so far (which I wanted more than anything), and I've never seen anything so perfect! I am overwhelmed with hopes, dreams, and love for the little life that is our SON! My heart has been SO incredibly blessed by the amount of love being poured out by our family, friends, and church family for our little man already. He is already so dearly loved, and nothing could make my Spirit happier than knowing he will grow up in the presence and love of all the saints.

 Everything had already changed so much for the better...and even more so now that we know his NAME. And what is even more amazing is that God has known his name all along, since the beginning of time. And not only his name, but who he will grow up to be and what amazing things he will do!

Please pray with us for his health but also that for these last 4 months he is being filled with the Spirit of Christ, so that he may encounter a deep, personal relationship with our Creator and further the kingdom of God passionately his whole life.

Oh, and if you choose to pray by NAME...


Be blessed and THANK YOU for your love and your prayers,
--Rachel, Trae, and for the first time...Emmett Sweatt!

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