Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2nd Year Lovin'

We just got back from one of my FAVORITE trips of all time. On June 10th, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It is unbelievable that we have been married two years already! It absolutely flew by, and I love my handsome husband more now than I did the day I said "I DO" *Which by the way, I would have said was not even possible on the day of our perfect wedding!  It's amazing to me how God orchestrates our lives so beautifully that while we are glorifying him through our lives, everything just gets BETTER. We start dating, we can't wait to get married. We get married, we can't wait to just get to wake up every morning together. We get to find out we're having our first BABY (!), we can't wait to hold him. Our God consistently not only provides for our every need, but longs for us to live abundantly, and my my my--we sure have these last two years! God has been SO incredibly good to us. We have learned so much about each other and ourselves, but most importantly about God's love for us. Through the victories and struggles in marriage the love and character of Christ is to be reflected, and this is what it is to be truly blessed. Here's to another year of life with my best friend, as we come to a close on the best season of my life so far--as we begin to get ready for a completely new and just as wonderful season with our little man. You're everything I want him to grow up to be, and I love you every day--even more than this preggo lady loves mexican food currently. Which is a lot. :)  Thanks for loving me and our son as Christ loves his church, and celebrating each God given day with me.  :)

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