Friday, May 4, 2012

Bridal Sessions

Ahh, wedding season! :) An egagement/wedding is an extremely special time in a woman's life. I loved EVERY minute of that, and love to look at the pictures that were taken during that special season. As much as a bride and her family put into the wedding, it's important to take a step back, breathe, and simply enjoy the moment. A great way to this is a bridal session! A bridal session is done where the bride gets a whole session in her wedding dress, to have stunning visual images of this special season to be passed down for generations. In keeping with tradition, the bridals are done weeks prior to the wedding but are not published until after the bride's big day! A bridal session is also a great benefit for the bride because this is a great way to test out hair and makeup that you are planning for your wedding day, and you'll see before hand how well they photograph. I've never really advertised this aspect of my photography sessions before and since I have a few coming up and people are getting engaged all over the place, I thought I would feature them here on the blog, just so ya know! :)


*Due to the increase in time and special care needed during the session for the wedding dress, the bridal investment is more than an average family/senior/engagement session. The extra preparation and care is priority to the photographer, and is worth the investment!

If a couple/bride books an Engagement + Bridal session at the same time, you only pay $225 for BOTH sessions. You save $50! :)

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