Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old Photos + Happy Memories

Obviously I have a love for photography. But I have an even greater love for good memories! There is just something about pictures that bring back the fuzzy feelings and warm thoughts of the past that makes my job SO important. And I love that. I love looking back through old pictures and remembering a special season in our lives and how blessed this journey has been. It makes me sad when people tell me, "We have never had our picture taken together," or "We just don't keep photos around." There is so much JOY to be had in documenting every season of life, and even more to be had cherishing it as a sweet memory.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on photos and cherishing all seasons of life! Do you make photos of your life (professional or non) a priority? 

*Here's a photo that just makes me smile from our engagement pictures in 2011. CRAZY that we have already been married for two years, and even crazier that I am so much more in love now -- which I didn't think was possible then. :) 

Photo Cred: Lissa Anglin

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