Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Cheeseburger + No cardio Please

So SOMETIMES I find myself looking in the humor category on Pinterest. And SOMETIMES, I find things like this that make me laugh out loud and receive weird looks from whoever I'm around. And then I feel obligated to pass it on, you know...make the world a better place and what not. :) 

 Oh my CHEESEEEBURRRGERRRRR, my loverly cheesebuRRGERRRR, I'll wait for You-uhhhh yeah, I'll wait for you--uhh...don't lie, that just happened in your head too. ;) Haha, except in case it really didn't...and it was just me...and now this is awkward.


 Is there anything funnier than Fat Amy on Tuesday? No. No there isn't.

Filled with starbursts please... a pregnant lady's dream! 

Hey, someone has to do it, right?!

Happy Tuesday!

**All of these images I found on Pinterest (um where else?!) 

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