Thursday, July 25, 2013


Is rainy, and cloudy. And I LOVE it.

I'm working on a lot of different things today, but days like this I especially enjoy taking time to go outside on the porch and soak up the fresh air with my Bible and just reflect on the goodness of God and seek just a word or a glimpse from Him. We've been doing a Proverbs series at Hillside over discovering the will of God by asking the wisdom of God. It's been such a good message series and I definitely recommend it everyone, regardless of your stage of life. (You can find listen/watch the whole series so far here.)IT'S SO GOOD! Anyways, today I hope you find peace somewhere in your day. And remember that just like the rain freshens the air, so the love and grace of Christ refreshes our souls, empowering us to live a Spirit-filled and purposeful life. Be blessed!

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