Friday, February 24, 2012

Session for Snack Pack!

Here in Canyon, there is an awesome organization called "Snack Pak" that provides food for children that would not otherwise have access to nutrition on the weekends. What happens is every Monday different groups from Canyon will meet and pack hundreds of sacks filled with peanut butter, juice, etc., that certain kids that qualify within the school district will receive on Friday before they go home for the weekend. This Saturday, there will be a cajun dinner, dance, and live auction for Snack Pak. I am soooo excited about this because I love everything about this organization. AND I'm going to be auctioning a session! The money collected will go to continue being able to fund this ministry, and there will be LOTS of other good stuff in the auction too! So, if you live in Canyon or close to Canyon, come check it out, support the organization, and bid for a session! :)

Feb 25th
Featuring "Exit 106"
St. Ann's Catholic Church
Canyon, TX
Dinner starts at 6pm
Tickets are $35 for one and $60 for two
-For questions or tickets please call Megan Brown @ 806.231.9517

Just a nice Friday reminder to encourage your heart this weekend...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


31 Bits is an amazing organization that provides hope, security, and an education for women in Northern Uganda. They offer a 4 year program in which women can come onto their grounds and earn a living by handmaking amazing jewelry with, get this, recycled paper! It's hard to believe that their beautiful pieces come from recycled paper! But, it's true. Not only is this a place where women can be safe, earn an income for their family, but while in the 4 year program they also gain an education and business skills to continue providing for their families. The website has an awesome video that describes the whole process, and there is information on each designer (the women in the program), along with a store where you can purchase their amazing art work. Also,  I work at The Rustic Gypsy in Canyon and we sell some of their beautiful jewelry so if you're in town, be sure to stop by and check it out along with the website to see who made it! :)

 Meet Sarah, one of the designers! You can read her story, along with others, here.

"Using FASHION and DESIGN to empower women
to RISE ABOVE poverty." --31 Bits 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


They are such a sweet family, and SO MUCH FUN! It was pretty chilly the day of the shoot but they handled it like pros! And their little boys, a.dor.a.ble.! The older one Jake has sooo much personality, it was never a dull moment! And little Jett is pretty much the sweetest little boy ever! They have amazing parents, and I was so blessed to get to hang out with them! Oh yeah, and if there was a "family with prettiest eyes" award, it would definitely go to them! So, meet Megan, Colby, Jake, & Jett!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sidney is a football player at WTAMU and tons of fun!  Not only is he cool because he's a great athlete, but he loves Jesus! He serves every Sunday at Hillside   by pouring onto the lives of kids that totally look up to him. We had a blast hanging out, discussing the funny poses people do, and getting some great pictures! :)

 He has a wristband from I Am Second and his other one says, "Can I Brag On My Lord?" Loved it.

 These were his, "I'm trying to look cool" poses. ;)

 This was his, "I'm NOT trying to show off my muscles" pose. ;)

I was just messing around with some filters on this image and LOVED how it turned out. Thanks so much Sidney! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Blog + Late to the Party

Welcome to the new blog!! Along with the new look, I'm excited about new sessions that I have coming up and will soon be posted! Along with sessions, I will post more personals,  good finds, and just generally things that I am currently enjoying and/or excited about. Beginning with...

Yes, my name is Rachel and I am an instagramaholic. I love the quick avenue to a creative resource that partners with my love for capturing life through the lens of a camera, even if it's just my iphone camera. Sadly, I am joining this febphotoaday party LATE. I am usually running late or behind on whatever anyways, it's a struggle.  I feel like I can relate to this I found on Pinterest...

So, despite my failure to start at the beginning of February, I decided to join in anyways! I love the daily creative challenge, it really changes the way you see things that normally wouldn't get a second glance. I totally recommend joining in, who cares if it's a little late?!  ;)