Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SSMT + Verses 16, 17

Here I am, playing catch up again! I know that surprises everyone. ; ) But seriously, I am SO EXCITED to share these two verses with you all. The first is the verse that I have been praying over Emmett, who has yet to arrive. ;) This is my whole heart's desire for him from the first time I read it a few weeks ago. We joke about him being a super stud athlete like a college baseball player (like his dad) or a super talented musician (also like his dad) or I joke about him being completely uncoordinated and non athletic but a super genius (like his mom! ;) all the time. But in all seriousness the one and ONLY thing my heart truly desires for our little boy is to love Jesus and passionately pursue an intimate relationship with him. Through this my hope for him is that he also passionately pursues the lost and the wandering and leads them Christ through with his life and his example. This is my hearts desire, and this when I read this verse I knew it was what I was supposed to be specifically praying for him.

"I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the weak, but the sleek and strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice." --Ezekiel 34:16, ESV

So GOOD. This is the kind of man I want him to grow up to be.
Ok. Before my mama hormones make me cry...

Here's the verse I'm currently working on.

"Who is to condemn? Christ is the one who died--more than that, who was raised--who is at the right hand of God, who is indeed interceding for us." --Romans 8:34, ESV

This verse comes from, well Romans, but it was one of the Scriptures our pastor used in this last weeks sermon--which was AWESOME and you can listen to it here (translate= go listen as fast as you possibly can:). This verse was HUGE for me. I mean I had heard it before, read over it a bazillion times, but the Spirit can bring such a fresh word at just the right time. This is a huge reminder of the massive, incomparable price that Christ paid for us. But not only that, but also the reminder that the only person, the only GOD, the creator that breathed life into existence, not only raised himself from the grave to defeat sin and death so that WE, a people completely flawed and sinful could be with him forever, and live a life abundant. And it doesn't even stop there--this God, this Jesus didn't stop with the resurrection, but in fact CONTINUES to proclaim his vast love for us by interceding FOR us, to the very Father that created us. It blows my mind that there are so many people in our world that worship false gods and idols that even in their mythological state are separate and non-involved. Unless perfection is in fact achieved, in most cases. But that our GOD, the only true our Father, is just as involved in our lives and our Spirits as he was breathing life into the first man. So intimate, from the very beginning, despite our failure. This Father, and this Jesus, is FOR US. He is praying FOR US and goes to the Father on our behalf. Because of His sacrifice he sees not a failure, not sin, not wicked hearts but a beloved child who he will relentlessly plead for and pursue. LOVE.

What scriptures are fresh to you in this season of life?! I'd love to hear what God is doing through his word in your life! Be blessed,

P.S. here is a shot from my maternity session! I'm hoping to share more soon and talk about my experiences on the other side of the camera ;)

Photo Cred: my lovely and talented friend/fellow photographer Katy Pair

Friday, September 6, 2013

BECK (6 months) + Family

I cannot believe little Beck is already 6 months!!!! (You can see his newborn session here) It is SUCH a blessing to get to watch families grow and precious littles develop their own personalities!! As always, they looked adorable and their mom knew of the PERFECT place to get some bright, fun photos (she knows my photographic style EXTREMELY well! ;) and I loved everything about this session. Thank you so much for letting me hang out with your sweet family!

 This beautiful little dress that Maizie is wearing is the same one that her mom wore when she was little! What makes this even MORE special is that is was handmade by her grandmother!