Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspire Me

So we all have quotes, saying, verses, etc. that truly speak to our hearts and motivate us by their words. I absolutely LOVE these. It's those phrases that stick with you, that can change your mentality or outlook for the rest of your life, or just when you need a little umph to keep you going! In our world today it is extremely easy to forget to be encouraged. One way that I battle this slump is number 1)Jesus time. Hands down, the BEST way to be inspired. When I am seeking God's Word He never fails to give me one. Number 2 is through phrases from books, quotes, etc. that remind me of what I am passionate about, or simply encourage me. One way I put these things into play is by designing them into desktops and screen savers so every time I open my laptop I am encouraged! It's these little reminders, maybe even by sticking a post it note on a mirror, that promote encouragement daily. So, I am asking all of you, in the comment section, to tell me your FAVORITE Scripture (verse), quote, phrase, etc. that never fails to inspire you (don't forget to credit the source or it will not be entered!). I will take all of the entries from the comments, put them in a contest post, and the top 3 will be designed into a desktop available for your personal download. Ready...Set...Inspire! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ryder + 4 weeks

There is one way to describe Ryder...Man Baby! He made the SWEETEST faces,  all the while showing me his serious side! I LOVE spending time with families photographing newborns, because even at that young age, you can see the personalities God has instilled in them. This shoot was tons of fun, not only because of the great family and adorable sweet Ryder, but because of his awesome nursery. The theme??? MUSTACHES. Is there anything funnier than a mustache nursery? NO. I mean, how can you be in that kind of environment and NOT be happy? You can't, that's how! Ha! I absolutely loved it! Anyways, I loved meeting his sweet parents and can already tell that he's been blessed with a great family! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day, and trusting me with capturing this special season in your lives. Be blessed!

How amazing this face?! Total man baby. Up for a challenge? Caption the image above and the best one's will be featured on the Rachel Sweatt Photography facebook page! 

 The picture behind Ryder is one of his dad that was in a calendar for MAC Trucks! It's also on a billboard! How cool is that?! That's one famous mustache, folks. ;)