Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jillian + Bridal

You all know her and now, after a long "journey" with Christ and the one she fell in love with, and one gorgeous, sweet Journey ;) later, it was her day. June 23rd, the day her and her fiance became one in the eyes of our Lord and entered into a covenant with each other and the Creator of the universe. I love marriage because, having been married myself to my best friend one year on June 10th (CRAZY!), I have learned more about Christ and the character of God through my husband. And my prayer for yall is to continue to grow in your relationship with Christ as you fall more in love with each other every day. It was such a blessing to be a part of your special day not only as a bridesmaid, but also a best friend, sister in Christ, and bridal photographer! Jillian was a STUNNINGLY gorgeous bride, friends. Like, oh myyy goodness gracious beautiful, and her sweet little Journey was just a pretty and charming as always! It is my pleasure, for the first time on the blog but definitely not the last, MRS. Jillian Slaton! May you and Shelby have many years of wedded bliss love! I lovvvve you friend! :)

If any of you out there have any advice or blessings for Jillian and her new family, please feel free to leave some wisdom/love in the comment section of the blog! :)

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buddy System + Beyond!

It's time for a summer special!! This is the BUDDY SYSTEM on crack, people! For a limited time only, sessions booked through referral (word of mouth, recommendations for Rachel Sweatt Photography) gets new clients AND their referral contact 15% off their next session! To get the discounts new clients MUST  tell me who sent them at the time of booking!! This way, you get to help your friend and yourself! It's a win win situation, and I just like those! ;)

For you're buddy inspiration, here's one of my favorite photos of me and one of my oldest and dearest friends!