Monday, November 25, 2013

Give + Thanks

So lately I've been feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude, and not just because it's trendy to do so this time of year. ;) First and foremost as a follower of Christ I've felt an overwhelming thankfulness for the love of my Savior- the love that saved me in my worst and best moments, and all those in between. His provision and faithfulness in my life continually blows my unfaithfulness out of the water, and I have so been cherishing the knowledge that I belong to HIM. Secondly, I have been obviously so incredibly thankful for my son and our new family. There truly is no way to describe the feeling unless you are a parent, which I was always told and knew that I could never fully grasp understanding that specific love until it happened to me, and boy it has! Seriously, I have cried so many time rocking my sweet baby just overwhelmed with thankfulness for this blessing that I did not deserve. To have a sweet, happy, healthy baby light up every moment of the day is a gift that can only come from the Creator. I've felt His presence more just from realizing that it is from him, the giver of life, that we experience such love. And what is unbelievable to me is that the love that I've been feeling for my sweet little babe doesn't even compare to the love the Father has for him, or me for that matter. Through all of this I've realized that thankfulness is an attitude of worship for our Lord, and the joy that can only come from Him is so graciously given when we have a Spirit of thankfulness, no matter what the circumstance.

So, all this to say...I'm THANKFUL. And like I said, not just because it's 'that time of year!' But, because it IS 'that time of year'! (insert cheesy smile here), I would LOVE to hear what you are thankful for! AND since Thanksgiving is this week, and we've already covered the 'thanks' part, let's get to the GIVING! Here's the dealio...

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And then for ALL that work, sit back, eat a cookie- you deserve it! AND I will automatically give you 15% off your next session (which is why I need your email)! This offer is for sessions booked from January-March, well just because all good things must come to an end. ;) Booking for next year is available now, and to get the date that best works for you (and the discount!) contact me to set up your session ASAP!

Hope you're having a great Monday!
Be blessed,


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